How to strip a Delco setup out of a Pulsar/Astra.

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How to strip a Delco setup out of a Pulsar/Astra.

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I thought this might be of use to someone who was looking to use the Delco EFI on any car but they dont have heaps of mechanical knowledge.
This is what you would be looking at. Its a 1987-89 Holden LD Astra, Multi Point 1.8L Same as an 87-91 N13 Pulsar. Holden Je Camira would be similar to do.
All the pictures are clickable thumbs 550-950KB in size to give you a good look.(doh paint shrunk most of em and one is not a thumb.)

Some important things to note.
Despite these cars being a bit tinny, they have reasonably good quality wiring plugs. Check for the tab and push it in or pull it up to undo the plug.
If your doing a conversion, Keep the other plug as well and cut yourself off a good amount of wire to use on the other side to wire into your car.
Keep the senders etc. Im going to go thru removing the loom itself then i will have notes on the bottom about the things it plugs into.

Okay here goes.
1. Dissconnect the battery.
2. Take the Passenger seat out.
Under the seat is the ECU enclosed in the plastic holder.
You can see it all in the pic, the three screws that hold it to the floor are screwed back in their holes.
No real need to take it out of the holder just unplug the wires.

3. Remove the sill cover plastic thing and lift the carpet up.
4. Pull the wiring out thru the hole in the carpet and fold the carpet back.

5. The white plastic U-bend bit that goes over the seat mounting bracket needs to be levered up.
Its got a plastic expander tab that pokes thru a hole. Squeeze it with pointy nose pliers or cut it off with side cutters.
6. The black corner cover, it there to protect the wiring. Its got the plastic screw seperating plugs to hold it on, undo them and get it out of the way.
7. Get rid of the kick pannel.
8. Pull the Dash loom connector wiring plugs out of the hole and you should have it looking like this.

9. Undo the plugs. Or cut the dash wiring loom off, get yourself as much length as you can.
We will leave that bit ther for now and go under the hood and start at the furtherest point.

10. Un hook the 02 sensor wire, un clip the belt cover to get the wire out. Get the sensor out of the exhaust manifold.
11. Un hook the Temp sender, remove the sender.
12. With a 17mm socket undo the nuts on the top of the head bolts and remove the earth wires.

13. Un plug the Throttle Position switch.
14. Unplug the Idle Air Control.
15. Unplug the hose to the Manifold Air Pressure Sender.
16. Unplug and remove the MAP sensor from the car. The Map sensor is riveted to the bracket.
On some cars the bracket that holds the MAP is spot welded to the firewall. Cold Chisel and a hammer works well. On others its screwed to the fire wall.
Heres a pic of the 1.6L TBI setup, unfortunately i forgot to get a happy snap before i unplugged the wires. It shows the MAP on the firewall and also a good shot of the earth wires for the loom on the head bolts.
A note on the 1.6L. The wire that goes up to the injector goes thru a rubber gromet. That Gromet sits in a slot in the base for the air cleaner. You need to get the air cleaner to TB gasket off. I found i had to use a sharp knife to get some bits of the gasket off so i could get the plug out.

16A. Ooops i forgot, unplug the injectors, didnt get a good pic of the injector plugs.
17. Unplug the Manifold Air Temp sender. Note: Only on the 1.8L the 1.6L doesnt use one.
18. Unplug the two plugs into the Distributor/Module.

19. Unplug the Coil. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remove the Gray plug first. Unfortunately i didnt get a clear pic of the plugs. Theres an earth wire under there also.
Below Ive marked the resistor for the Tacho as that whole clump of wiring is part of the ECU loom.

Thats pretty much all the wiring off the motor. In the next pic its hanging over the guard. Good shot of the MAP sensor as well.

18. Un screw the Air con relays (if fitted) and the Intermittant wiper Relay box from the fire wall.
19. Unplug the wiper realy box and the wiper motor. The wiring for the wipers is in the engine loom, for some reason. I dare say just to get it thru the fire wall, strip back the tape to the dash plugs and i would think it would be seperate and come away from the ECU loom.

Heres the hole the loom goes thru looking from the engine side. Theres tangles from other looms and the washer tube and also the brake line. If i recall right theres and earth screw in there somewhere too.

Now back into the car. Heres a pic of the clip that makes the loom hard to get out.

Ive stripped the dash and heater box.
Use a screwdriver or similar to get up in there and bust the clip, you shouldnt need to remove the dash etc. The loom will then feed thru the firewall into the engine bay.

Ive pulled the dash out to be on the safe side. I was removing the 1.8L loom and replacing it with the 1.6L loom so i can put the 1.6L motor in the car.

As far as all the switches etc i would grab the inlet manifold as a complete unit. I would grab the whole lot together because then you get the TB with all its switches as well as the injectors and the Fuel Pressure regualtor.
That would leave you with just the O2 sensor, the water temp sender and the MAP to grab. Unbolt the Distributor and take the whole thing and that will make the coil easy to take off the motor bracket and all.

That should get you started on your way to EFI.

Feel free to correct me or comment as you see fit.

Cheers. Bob.

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Re: How to strip a Delco setup out of a Pulsar/Astra.

Post by Poida »

I have explored all the different locally produced 4 cylinder EFI sub looms for their suitability as a conversion source for a G180W/G200W and have found the 1.8 litre MPI LD Astra/ N13 Pulsar to be the best option requiring least rerouting or modification of loom components and provides ample loom from the firewall to the computer. The 2.0 litre JE Camira is noticably shorter in the length from the firewall to the ECU and can be used but you have less option for flexibility mounting the computer under the dash, other than that it's very similar to the Astra/Pulsar loom.

Both types of looms are nearly a stand alone sub loom that can be installed independently of the main Gemini wiring loom. I stripped out the Gemini engine bay loom and all wiring that needed linking to the EFI loom now connects via plugs & sockets so the EFI loom remains easily detachable. On the driver side of the bay you only need the wires from the oil and temp warning senders. The starter solenoid wire needs to be rerouted to the passenger side and the coil and distributor wiring are no longer needed.


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