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Transmission Id?

Posted: 01 Oct 2008, 15:19
by DDH3
OK , I have three diffrent Transmisions. Is there a way to ID them?
I would like to know what the defrences are, like Number of gears and there ratios.



Posted: 01 Oct 2008, 19:15
by bad 44u
the top one looks like theearly tx 4 spee which aresupposedly getting rare and stronger the other two look like zzr 5speeds. have a look at the spline count where thetailshaft goes in that might help.

Posted: 07 Oct 2008, 04:59
by archangel62
If you just want to know how many gears there are, try to slide the shifter pins (where you put the shifter in) up and down, one at a time. If you can find five, it's a four speed, if you can find six, it's a five speed.

To obtain the ratios, put it in each gear and count the number of turns of the input shaft vs. output shaft, do it lots of times and you'll get an accurate ratio. As for what they're out of I can't really help, except to say that starters on the driver's/right hand side of the box are more likely to be off a SOHC.

Posted: 09 Oct 2008, 07:47
by elky
the first one is a bellet mse 4 speed

Posted: 15 Oct 2008, 20:32
by bellett65
First Is nothing like any Bellett I have seen since owning about 100 since 1968. The second would be a ZZR The third could be Either a DOHC Piazza or a 117 coupe.

Posted: 16 Oct 2008, 21:20
by elky
please enlighten us!

the first box, will NOT fit a gemini with a sohc motor

so where did this one come from? certainly not a rodeo c series or piazza

i have one of these boxes here, have you had any GTR bellets? i admit to knowing stuff all about bellets, ZZ geminis are my poison


Posted: 17 Oct 2008, 13:48
by bellett65
GTR Belletts had the same gearbox as the GT. The input shaft is 1" with 10 teeth. This was the standard for all Belletts. I am going to the Bellett owners national meeting next week. I will endeavour to trace what if any Bellett it came off.

Posted: 17 Oct 2008, 16:12
by elky
sweet dude, this type of box was used in the first batch of TX gemini's, but the bellhousing had the starter on the RH side, hence that box in the pic would not fit a gemini (unless dohc) but all the dohc gems were 5 speed


Posted: 24 Oct 2008, 18:58
by PF60ZZR
The first one is from a 1800 OHC Bellett GT which is a 4 speed. I owned one in 1980, of which I sold. This gearbox was also used on the first run of 1600 DOHC Bellett GT type Rs. A lot of people call them GTRs but if you look closely at the badging it says GT

Posted: 15 Nov 2008, 05:23
by DDH3
FYI .... the first box is the factory box from my 1968 117 with a g160w and presumed to be a 4spd.
The others are from a wrecker one was bolted to a g180w with over the top ECGI fuel injection and the other was bolted to a g200w with forward facing injection, both these are presumed to be 5spd.

The information I am looking to find are the ratios from 1st through the final drive gear so I can determine if they are close ratio with an overdrive, or are they spread ratio with a 1-1 on fith.

Thanks for all the response on this subject, You all have been very helpfull.