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Re: Cul8r's g180w/g200w chevette

Posted: 29 Jun 2014, 19:55
by IZU069
In my experience, when people "drove it .... for the first time..." and then follow with "... resulting in this" AND post a vid, it is usually the foreplay for the next post "What do you think it is?".

Not that many do post such failures, but on some forums first start or soon run disasters seem to be quite common (and expected LOL!) after rebuilds. Admittedly my last forum like that was OzFem, and even then I was told of (eg) HeadWank's blowup by a 3rd party 'cos I had left the site by then. But that was a site with lots of bad advice (which seemed to win over the good advice - much like www).

PS - IME it's rare to see/hear a vid of a good running engine.
But it's bluddy nice to hear one - especially the familiar sounds of a GW - so thanks for posting!!!
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Re: Cul8r's g180w/g200w chevette

Posted: 30 Jun 2014, 18:18
by cul8r
Wait till I have the Carbs tuned, sounds awesome!

Re: Cul8r's g180w/g200w chevette

Posted: 20 Apr 2015, 18:47
by archangel62
So I'm a bit [a year] behind the 8-ball with this, but, rad!!! I love it. Looks absolutely boss. What's it like to drive? One of my twincams is nearing completion, but is on the back-burner due to the drift car... Hopefully soon I'll have something to contribute!

Re: Cul8r's g180w/g200w chevette

Posted: 02 Aug 2015, 10:41
by cul8r
Due to house and race car commitments Ive not driven it any further than my driveway at the moment lol.

Still haven't got them tuned. However Recently I bought 2x Gilmer belts for the Chevette - have tensioned one on. Need to buy a new battery as well - the original doesn't really hold charge any longer..

Once Stockcar is finished, I'll then be free to spend some more time on the car.

Oh and I bought a MKII Golf GTI which had been parked for 5-6 years, did some rust work on and general tidying up - however the mechanical injection is faulty so need to make a manifold for some Bike carbs..