A few ECU ideas

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A few ECU ideas

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Hello all. I'm by no means an EFI expert, but having looked around and considered a few different ECU options I thought I'd post up the best options (in my eyes) for anyone pondering the same thing.

-MegaSquirt I
-MegaSquirt II (improved, more expensive)
-Remapped Delco

Info on the Megasquirt can be obtained on www.diyautotune.com including prices etc. You can save money on un-assembled kits. Lots of other EFI gear can be found on there too. This ECU is very versatile and can run fuel and spark etc. I just had my Megasquirt II sent to me from America, un-assembled, with a seperate ECU tester and troubleshooter, wiring harness, a few sensors, and allsorts of other bits and bobs for AU$711 including postage and bank fees.

There is a lot of info on this site posted by Poida who is, without question, the expert on these setups. They can be cheaper to set up as they use second hand parts available at wreckers.

E-Manager. I know little about this at the moment but a friend of mine at Autobarn runs one with his Chaser. He says it's just as good as many Wolf3D and PowerFC options, and can be done for $600-$700. I will see if I can get some more info on this.
Twincam needs: surge tank, EFI lines, TPS, recored radiator, hoses, assemble the ECU (50% done).

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