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im running a g200w from a piazza (its the i-tec type injection manifold) im running delco injection from a camira, would the map sensor be able to handle boost, and would the computer be able to deal with the boost?

im only looking at running about 7psi nothing huge.

im also trying to figure out what ignition im running did the piazza g200 twin cam motors run a CAS? i think the dizzy thats been put on is a prelude one im unsure which model though.

any information would be appreciated.


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Post by GeminiCoupe »

No the MAP sensor wont read boost and youll confuse the Delco.

Will need a MINIMUM 2bar map sensor [ie 1bar vac, 1bar boost], and the ECU will need retuning.

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Post by Poida »

That is correct, you should be able to run that sort of boost once you fit a suitable MAP sensor. I did read some discussion way back on the OzGemini site where it was presumed that the Delco wasn't capable of operating a boosted engine but I always had my doubts about that. I did some research and found there were boosted cars produced from factory with varients of the same family of management system. If you can chase up info on one of those it should help you to figure out some of the memcal tuning differences. If I come across the data files I'll post a link.

One such car was the Vauxhall Carlton Omega which runs a system based on the same computer as the Commodores do. It looks different on the poutside because it was built into a styrange looking plastic case. I've been keeping an eye out for the memcal programming in these. I'm sure there will be some from the Chevrolet side of the GM world as well.

One more source of info where you may be able to find the answers is Craig Moates forum where there are plenty of experimenters who should be able to offer info as well as source any parts you might find difficult to get hold of.
Some other links to related sites are here:

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