g180w head side draft carb setup wanted.

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g180w head side draft carb setup wanted.

Post by yankieluv »

Hey folks
im a new guy and in southern California.
that being said.... im attempting to create a monstrosity of isuzu origin and twin cam models are
non existent here. I would like a side draft carb set up and a twin cam head.
my chassis is a 1978 so efi is only possible if every component is available.
So please contact me if anything is available.
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Re: g180w head side draft carb setup wanted.

Post by IZU069 »

Just letting others know that I have explained to that new blow-in Septic offline that DOHC heads won't bolt onto GZ blocks.

But if anyone can help with a DOHC that can be sent stateside...

Not wanting to usurp yankieluv , but I'd suggest the following (the usual request list):
- GW engines - preferably STANDARD even if worn into the ground;
- G200W else G180W - G180Ws preferably blue else dark-green types (or black-kit types);
- carby inlet manifolds, twin-Weber DCOE style - preferably from the 45-odd batch by BH (tapered ports etc);
- standard exhaust manifold;
- LHS starter motor bellhousings or boxes.

Being for a LUV, I suspect the non-Gemini/non-Piazza 117 type sump and upright oil filter is desired - so speak up now for a possible swap later for Gemini-type parts.

Of course yankieluv may be interested in ANY twincams or parts, and may correct or add to my suggestions.

Good luck yankieluv!
IZU069 - Isuzu means a lot to me.

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