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Which Vehicles had twin-cam G-180 & G-200?

Posted: 24 Apr 2009, 22:39
by Geminis4ever
G'day! What Vehicles came out with these engines so I know what to look
for if I need to hunt down for spares! Or are they becoming RARE! Cheers!

Posted: 25 Apr 2009, 06:10
by IZU069
No standard vehicles in Australia.

The twincams - designated GxxxW - started with the G161W (carby) in the Bellett GT-R, then the 117 coupe.

The 117 also got the G180W (carby; later EFI) and G200W (all G200W's are EFI).

The Jap ZZ Geminis (ZZ/R, ZZ/T) got G180W (all EFI).

The Piazza came out with G200W (in Aus we only got the 4ZC1-t 2L SOHC turbo). (NZ got G200Ws & SOHCs)

They tend to be rare, but they tend not to sell. I bought 2 G200Ws last year. Someone in NSW recently bought a G200W that had been fitted to a Jackaroo.

There's a G200W for sale in Bundoora (Melbourne) - see