Isuzu 117 XT Coupe on eBay (G200Z, auto, red, 1979)

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Isuzu 117 XT Coupe on eBay (G200Z, auto, red, 1979)

Post by IZU069 »

With thanks to my bro, from ebay-au-item 120740963573 26June2011, starting at $3,500.

For that price I was really keen. It's not too far from me, and I wouldn't mind a modern car.
But it's a G200Z (not a G200W).
Worse than that, it's an auto. Rats!

But those wing mirrors should suit my red Florian. (A better color match than my polished GT Bellett mirrors, or part-black GTR mirrors.)

PS - Not sure if this is the correct posting section, but since she ain't a twincam (unlike earlier 117s)...
I assume the Moderators know where to post it.... (Oh poo! Me is one!)
IZU069 - Isuzu means a lot to me.

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